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Those above the line (in gray) are very helpful thinkers. Some of them do not accept the final authority of supernatural revelation, yet they have keen insights into God’s natural revelation. 

Those below the line (in white) accept the final authority of Scripture from the first verse of Genesis to the last verse of Revelation. 

The new university is the smartphone. Because in this information age followers of Christ can learn and use the knowledge of God’s truth to train others.  A great education for way less money and time. 

These links are important tools. Please watch them, take notes, and share them with others.

Four Corners

The secular universities are rooted in evolution. They have a foundation of chance. And the professors think that they have the final say about reality, true and value. The following four corner questions help destroy the foundation of the secular worldview.

  1. Where in the rock layers of the earth do you find the GEOLOGICAL Column?
  2. Tell me ONE things you know for sure about evolution?
  3. Show me how LIFE came from non-life?
  4. Give an example of order coming from an EXPLOSION?

Please enjoy these selected links….  They give us important information to understand our times and provide answers. Please take notes and record the meter numbers as bookmarks for future reference.

Above the Line

David Berlinski  

David Horowitz

Ben Shapiro

Mark Levin

Dennis Prager

Andrew Klavan

Charlie Kirk

Stephen C. Meyer

Walter Williams

Victor Davis Hansen

James Tour

Jordan Peterson

Below the Line

Frank Turek

Larry Arnn

Got Questions

Truth for Saints

Ravi Zacharias

Dinesh D’souza

John Barnett

Todd Friel

Genesis Apologetics Textbooks

Nathaniel Jeanson

Illustra Media

Del Tackett

David Jeremiah

David Barton

Ray Comfort

Ken Ham

Erwin Lutzer

John MacArthur