Welcome to a discipleship plan created by those who accept the Scriptures as final authority. Our essential beliefs are found on Sail 5. Just click on the sail on our interactive ship

You can lead as many as you want through the 12 steps. Go through them yourself and determine how long it would take to lead someone through these steps. Everyone is different, so set individual goals and a time each week to review progress. 

Information on the founder of Disciples University is found at DavidEwald.com  David has been involved in the Paideia movement, the Creationist movement and the Worldview movement. This discipleship course is based in Scripture and these three movements that God has used. A five part series on the education problem and solution in America is very helpful to watch. 

Our non-profit 501c3 CPR Ministries was formed in 2004. You can help us by praying for our leaders and by funding the ministry. Please click the button below to make a donation.