We are a group of Biblicists, who are committed to seven essential teachings of the Bible:

  1. the Trinity
  2. the full deity and humanity of Christ
  3. the spiritual lostness of the human race
  4. the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ
  5. salvation by faith alone in Christ alone
  6. the physical return of Christ
  7. the authority and inerrancy of Scripture.

When we explored why only 1% of Christians have a plan to make disciples, we discovered that the church has become secular. This was not shocking, since in the history of the world God’s people have often drifted into the religions of the culture. Today Secularism, the idea that you can live your life without God, has become a mainstream religion.

Secularism is the dominant view taught in our secular schools whose teachings flow into the media, magazines, museums, movies and music industries.

We know that our country is not supposed to have an established religion, but we have been fooled. Secularism has become like a “tail wagging the culture.”

So we use the word “WAG” to remember the three areas that are needed in a modern discipleship strategy .… they are Worldview, Apologetics and Genesis. This emphasis leads us out of the “Secular Trap”  It focuses on compelling evidences and cogent arguments that point to the Reality, Truth and Value found only in Christ.

If you agree with the seven essential teachings of the Bible, and the need for this “WAG” emphasis we welcome your partnership.

David Ewald is the director of a growing network of friends interested in advancing the discipleship process. He established CPR Ministries in 2004 to advance strategies like Disciples University.